Monday, May 16, 2011

Bulk updating user's preferences (UserSettings) in CRM: PART II

  I have split this post into 3 parts:
· Part One: Retrieving a spreadsheet with the list of available time zones and languages
· Part Two: Generating a spreadsheet for entering the user preferences for each user
· Part Three: Uploading the updated spreadsheet to update user preferences

Part Two: Generating a spreadsheet for entering the user preferences for each user

In Part One we gathered a list of available time zones and languages. Now we need to provide a spreadsheet were we can assign a time zone and language for each user. Note that this code requires part one to be executed first to populate the dictionaries in memory:
private static void CreateUserSettingsSpreadsheet(IOrganizationService service, string fileName)
    XmlDocument xDoc = new XmlDocument();

    QueryByAttribute usersQuery = new QueryByAttribute(SystemUser.EntityLogicalName);
    usersQuery.AddAttributeValue("isdisabled", false);
    usersQuery.ColumnSet = new ColumnSet("fullname");

    EntityCollection coll = service.RetrieveMultiple(usersQuery);
    foreach (Entity user in coll.Entities)
        XmlNode userNode = xDoc.CreateElement("User");
        XmlNode userIdNode = xDoc.CreateElement("Id");
        XmlNode languageNode = xDoc.CreateElement("Language");
        XmlNode timeZoneNode = xDoc.CreateElement("TimeZone");
        XmlNode nameNode = xDoc.CreateElement("Name");


        userIdNode.InnerText = user.Id.ToString();
        nameNode.InnerText = user["fullname"] as string;

        UserSettings settings = RetrieveUserSettings(service, user.Id);
        languageNode.InnerText = settings.UILanguageId.HasValue ? LanguageCodeToName[settings.UILanguageId.Value] : string.Empty;
        timeZoneNode.InnerText = settings.TimeZoneCode.HasValue ? TimeZoneCodeToName[settings.TimeZoneCode.Value] : string.Empty;

The code above should give you a nice XML (fileName) that when you open with Excel looks like this:
Nelson Suddeth
English (United States)
US Eastern Standard Time
Maricela Speller
French (France)
US Eastern Standard Time
Kathrine Minott
English (United States)
Pacific Standard Time
Hugh Claybrook
French (France)
US Eastern Standard Time
Jessie Burgoon
English (United States)
Canada Central Standard Time
Cody Helfer
English (United States)
Pacific Standard Time
Ted Tartt
English (United States)
Canada Central Standard Time
Saundra Willits
French (France)
Pacific Standard Time
Kelly Doster
French (France)
Canada Central Standard Time

Now you can edit in Excel which language and time zone to assign to each user. You can even provide the template to the business to gather personal settings for each user. Note that the file is currently stored as XML so you cannot add data validation to the cells. It would be nice to provide a dropdown for the language and time zone columns. You can save the file as an Excel spreadsheet and then add data validation to those columns using a validation list and populating it with the values we retrieved from Part One:

Note that providing the drop-down in Excel is an optional step and requires you to save the file in a different format (spreadsheet instead of XML). I’ve used the standard data validation feature in Excel to create the dropdown, and you can do the same for language too.

Now you can provide the spreadsheet to your customer / business to fill in the time zones and languages for each user J.

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