Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Delete and Share records using CRM Workflow

You might have noticed that the process designer in CRM provides steps for updating/creating a record, sending an email, etc. but there is no step for deleting or sharing records. I have shared a CRM 2011 solution that adds a "delete" and "share" step in the workflow designer:

With this solution you will be able to delete and share the primary entity of the workflow, as well as all the related entities by a 1:N relationship.

The solution supprots the following actions:

  • Deleting the primary entity of the process or related entities (1:N relationships with primary entity).
  • Sharing the primary entity of the process or related entities (1:N relationships with primary entity).
  • Can be used in workflows and dialogs.
  • Use of dynamic expressions (e.g. Share record with the "Manager of the Owner of the primary entity").
  • Sharing of any privilege (read/update/create/append/share/assign/etc).
  • No support for CRM Online

It is very simple and you only need to install the managed solution and voila. You can download the solution from CodePlex here. There is also documentation available on how the tool works.

Note, since version 2.0 you can also select which specific privileges you want to share. For more details check this post: http://gonzaloruizcrm.blogspot.ca/2012/05/crm-2011-share-specific-privileges-via.html


  1. Would be great to have the ability to specify what permissions you want to share the record with. But great anyway! Thanks!

  2. That will be available in the next release ;-)

  3. Is it available for CRM 2013 Online?

  4. Is this available for CRM 2013 Online?

  5. Hi Gonz,

    Thanks for sharing the solution. I am trying to import your solution in our CRM 2013 online instance but it's throwing error. I think it might be because of the fact that your solution was built for crm 2011 online.

    Can this solution be imported in CRM 2013 online as well or it is only compatible for crm 2011 ?

    Please advise.

  6. I use CRM online. I need to share records between multiple teams (not manually). For example,if a new account is created with name US/Canada the account should be automatically 'shared' between two teams US and Canada. Is such a functionality possible in CRM online currently??

  7. I used the solution for CRM Online. I was able to share the records with another team. Is there any way in the solution provided to share the record with multiple teams?

  8. I want to be clear, this is for deleting and sharing RECORDS correct? The description up top says "Deleting the primary entity of the process or related entities (1:N relationships with primary entity)". I don't want to delete an ENTITY.

    1. correct, it will never delete an entity but rather an instance of that entity (a record)