Friday, July 1, 2011

Personal vs. System Views, Dashboards and Charts

There are two types of views/dashboards and charts in CRM 2011: Personal and System. The fundamental difference is that the first one is owned by a user/team while the second one is owned by the organization. This has a set of implications that might affect your design, that is why I have provided this comparison below which can be useful when selecting one or the other (there are pros and cons for each):




Ownership Can be owned by a user or team Owned by the organization
Visibility By default it is only visible to the user who creates it. By default it is visible to all users.
Privileges Can be protected using the standard privilege depths for the entity (none, user, BU, BU and child BU, Organization). This can allow you to make a chart/dashboard accessible to some users but not all and be able to select which users can see which charts/dashboards. User access can only be configured to all or none (if a user has access to a system chart/view then the user will have access to ALL system charts/views.
Sharing Can be shared with a specific user or team. For example the CEO might want to share a chart only with a VP. Cannot share system views/dashboards/charts since they are at the organization level.
Solutions Cannot be included in a solution. This is a show stopper if you need to move personal views/dashboards/charts across deployments and organizations. You would need to copy them manually. For charts, you can export the XML and import as a system chart. System views/dashboards are solution aware and are fully supported to be transported in solutions.
CUD operations (Create, update, delete) Most users will have access to create their own personal views, dashboards and charts. Only high privileged users and system administrators should have access to CUD operations on system views, charts and dashboards.


  1. Hi Gonzalo,

    What would be the easiest way (from an admin perspective) to turn a Personal view into a System view ?

  2. Mhh, there is no easy way that I know of, you might have to recreate the view. You could always download the fetchXML of your personal view and then hack the customizations.xml file of the solution to add the view as a system view, but it would not be supported to do so.

  3. Gonz,

    Where is System and personal dashboard save? Is there any entry in SQL?

  4. They are stored in the SystemForm entity (system dashboards). I'm not sure in what table personal dashboards are stored.

  5. what is the difference between System Views and Public Views

  6. I am not able to see account entity personal views in my dashboard list component, however able to see other entity personal views, i am using crm 2011 rollup16, pls let me know if you have any idea..

  7. I am facing situation where View is owned by Team and needs to be deleted, but it shared with read access only with other system admin user.

    Delete using assigning to other user is tried, but impersonation is not possible as it is owned by team and not user, do you have lead on this.

    Thanks in advance


  8. Hi Abhijeet, for your scenario I recommend you look at this post: