Monday, October 3, 2011

Differences between Marketing Campaign and Quick Campaign in CRM 2011

Marketing Campaigns
Quick Campaigns
Campaign activities
Can distribute multiple activities
Can only distribute one activity
Several built-in reports are available out of the box
No built-in reports available
Can save campaigns as templates and create campaigns from templates
Cannot use templates with quick campaigns.
Can track financial information and measure ROI
No financial information tracked/ROI.
Can create multiple planning activities associated with the campaign
No planning activities can be created / associated.
Products / Price Lists
Can associate target products and price lists
Cannot associate target products or price lists


  1. Do the two entities differ in customizability?

  2. This chart really helps in explaining the differences between the two to the service.

  3. Pete, good point, quick campaigns are a little bit less customizable, like you cannot modify the form or fields, but you can with campaigns!

  4. I'm confused by what "Cannot use templates with quick campaigns." means in the QC/templates cell.

    With 2011 I can create a CreateActivitiesListRequest object, with a TemplateId property. After I Execute() the object, it creates the QC job, sends emails using the template, and the fields are correctly substituted in the emails.

    Perhaps this feature was added after 2011 RTM?

  5. Hi Pete, it is referring to campaign templates, not email templates.

  6. Can you change which phone number field, on say a contact, is used when creating a campaign phone call?