Monday, October 31, 2011

How to “un-share” CRM records using workflow.

I posted earlier this year about how to share records using workflow in CRM 2011. Since then, I have got multiple requests to support “un-share” or revoking privileges to a record through CRM workflow. I have updated the CRM 2011 Workflow Utilities solution to support unsharing of records. It works very similar to the “share” step.


An unshare step is used in order to “unshare” or revoke shared privileges to the primary entity of the workflow (or a related entity) with a user or team. You must specify which record you want to unshare (primary vs. related). You can specify who you want to unshare the record with (user and/or team). Note that you can specify both a user and a team, in which case the record will be unshared with both. If you don’t specify any user/team then the record will be unshared with everyone with whom the record is currently shared. The configuration (input parameters) of the “unshare” step are similar to the share step. You can download the solution and read the documentation in the CodePlex site here.

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